I am

Brett as a child

My name is Brett Robertson. I was born in Malawi, Africa. I have been privileged to be given teachings from many different cultures, countries and understandings. Tibetan, through Tenzin Pema, who gave me an ancient oral transmission of Shiatsu through the cosmology of Chinese medicine. Loesje Jacob, a world-renowned teacher of a quantum physics-based healing modality as well as animal communicator. Loesje is a mentor and friend.

Brett smiling

Other teachings from Australian Aboriginal wisdom keepers, quantum physicists, Shaman in Malaysia, Brazilian acupuncturist, western treatments and ancient teachings from all around the world have helped shape how I approach healing.

From “heart space”, I share my perspective and unique understanding of Yoga, Shiatsu, Meditation, body therapies and the body’s ability to heal itself.

Brett with yellow flowers

It is my passion to watch peoples lives transform; being a part of this process inspires me. My perspectives are growing and expanding. I am so grateful for all the opportunities and experiences that I have and have had all over the world.

I am in service of all wishing to awaken their own sense of well-being.

I am infinitely grateful to my parents for their guidance and the love and support of my family and friends.

Brett Robertson